Music has been a source of emotion and has been considered to create sounds that are either happy or sad. Hearing loss takes place over time. As a result, music also sounds different gradually. Whenever you get new hearing aids, you will notice that you are struggling to hear the lyrics and the music seems to be fading out. 

Let’s discuss how you will use your hearing aids to enhance your music perception. 

Optimize hearing aids for better music perception 

Hearing aids were mainly developed to improve speech understanding in different noisy environments. Listening to music was considered a secondary while suggesting hearing machines to patients. As a result, many users experienced dissatisfaction with listening to music while wearing hearing aids. 

Music has a different range of bandwidth and range than speech with changes in volume and pitch, said an audiologist of a hearing aid centre in Kolkata. Patients often turn up the volume of the music while wearing their hearing aids. This in turn, causes more damage to the ears. 

But nowadays, modern hearing aids are customized that are specifically programmed by audiologists which can make a huge difference. These hearing aids are customized to provide a hearing experience in different noise environments. 

So, if you face any trouble while listening to music, consult an audiologist to design a different program to improve your music listening experience. 

What to do if my hearing aid does not have music settings? 

If your hearing aids do not have music settings and sound from different devices is getting distorted, you can simply turn down the volume of the sound. However, if you have volume control on your hearing machine, you can also increase its volume. 

Whenever you need to purchase the right hearing aid, along with the right programming to enhance your music perception, visit an experienced audiologist or search “Hearing Aids Clinic near me” to consult a qualified audiologist. 


Even if you are a music lover but suffering from hearing loss, don’t step back from getting your hearing issues treated.