The internet of things (IoT) is a newly emergent, yet one of the most prospectus fields, having many ramifications and impacts in all sectors of private and public life. Even the website designing companies in Kolkata have started utilising the core aspects of IoT in applications of manifold kinds. The effects of IoT are all pervasive and have sparked a prairie fire of advantages from lower expenses, better customer experience, additional data, intuitive interfaces and much more. 

In this outline, we will share with you the advantages and potentials of IoT in e-Commerce. It is a bare superfluity to add that any quality eCommerce website development company in Kolkata can’t neglect the world of promises IoT brings to the sphere of e-Commerce.

Top Benefits of IoT for eCommerce 

eCommerce and IoT seem like the perfect duet as one comports with the other and creates a plethora of benefits and advantageous usage scenarios.

AI aided eCommerce

AI-powered devices have great potential in streamlining and optimising searches through millions of assortments of analogous data over the internet. While designing an eCommerce website, a website designing company can implement UX-enhancing tools that guide the users through the medleys of the marketplace, which, in other words, amounts to using intelligent search features. This is precisely how AI & ML can create insightful product recommendations.


Chatbots are one of the cutting-edge applications of IoT in eCommerce, taken up by quite a few e-Commerce website development companies in Kolkata. Chatbots can provide round-the-clock customer support without any manual input whatsoever. Moreover, chatbots are also capable of storing mammoth amounts of customer data and tailoring their response based on previous customer interactions. 

AR mobile apps

The AR (Augmented reality) concept appealed to a lot of mobile users when they experienced it several years ago in games like Pokemon Go. However, AR-based applications are returning in brave new guises to supplement the new-age of e-Commerce. AR-powered e-Commerce apps can open a new vista for buyers and users by allowing them to peruse through the items and products in a VR-like simulation. Some analogous applications have been reported to help users decide how certain furniture items can comport with their interior decorations in the virtual mode. The concept of AR is yet another stellar application of IoT in the sphere of e-Commerce. 


IoT-connected devices can act as reliable censors and amass important data and analytics that you can put into further use. By using those analytics, the business can gain important insights into consumer behaviour, speculate online shopping trends and streamline their spending. 

An enhancement of customer experience

The IoT-accompanied approaches have opened up more avenues for personalisation, hence proportionally boosting customer experiences. An IoT-based smart device can achieve increased customer satisfaction in a bunch of ways, such as tracking users' activities and making recommendations based on them. 

When someone is fond of buying electronic gadgets, offering them analogous products and applications will be received as a token of reciprocation and recognition. Even the PPC (Pay-per-click) agencies in Kolkata are taking into account the aspects of IoT to enhance the visitor’s experiences. 

Furthermore, an eCommerce website development company can also craft IoT solutions capable of gathering group data and analytics. By reviewing group behaviours of a certain neighbourhood or consumers of similar products, businesses can invent new marketing trends and make the most out of them.


One of the most crucial IoT applications in the sphere of eCommerce is detecting and troubleshooting various issues of online purchases, such as: missing shipments, cart abandonment rate, bounce rate, low engagement and so forth. This is accomplished by gathering and analysing data and fortifying every fabric of the supply chain management. 

Performance Analytics

Website designing companies can utilise IoT to develop a stellar e-Commerce website that can help you keep track of your KPIs (The key performance analytics). With an IoT powered e-Commerce website, you can overview the monitoring of the inflow and outflow of products, customer location, driving patterns and other statistics. 

Enhanced Consumer-Manufacturer Interactions

The IoT-powered eCommerce sites allow the retailer to create a long-term engagement with the consumers. For instance, they can systematically update the consumers on new product launches. Such interactions pave the way for further personalisation. 

What Should You Consider Before Using IoT In eCommerce

Implementing IoT technologies in tandem with an eCommerce website demands some prior requirements that a website designing company can brief you on. These requirements are the followings: 

  • Choosing platforms tailored to your requirements
  • Providing customers with strong security measures
  • Acquiring consumer data for better marketing ventures
  • Informing consumers how you are going to utilise their data

IoT technologies have brought nothing less than a whirlwind to the prospects and possibilities of eCommerce developments. The ramifications of IoT in eCommerce remain to be fully explored and exhausted.