One of the toughest JEE papers to crack is Physics. To make sure you score good marks in this exam, you must pay equal attention to the numerical section and theory. For helping you out, we have listed some tips by an online physics tutor for class 11 to practice numericals.

Tips for practicing Physics numericals for JEE

  • Pick the right study materials

In JEE physics online classes, you will come across several books and reference materials. You can practice numericals from them to score good marks in your JEE main exam. Your physics teacher might also recommend some books from which you can solve numericals.

  • Solve numerical everyday

To ensure that you can solve numericals confidently in your JEE physics exam, you must practice them every day. When you do this, you will get the opportunity to work on the areas in which you are weak. 

  • Understand the basics

As we mentioned in the previous point, having an in-depth understanding of the formulas will enable you to solve numericals easily. In addition, memorizing and noting them will reduce your chances of making mistakes when solving numericals. 

  • Make flashcards

Making flashcards is a simple and easy way to note down these formulas. So, when you start solving the numericals for your JEE Physics preparation, you can refer to these flashcards. They will also help you review all the formulas for a quick revision before your JEE main exam. 

  • Spend time on topics that carry more marks

When you start solving numericals from the previous year’s JEE physics question papers, you will find some topics are more significant. You can identify these topics and practice numericals from them before solving the other ones. 

  • Practice the difficult numericals

Students tend to avoid some numericals that they find difficult. This makes them lose marks in their JEE Physics exam. So, if needed, you can take the help of your Physics teacher to solve these difficult numericals.

We have listed some effective tips to practice Physics numericals for JEE. You can follow these tips and take the guidance of an online physics tutor for class 11 to score good marks in your JEE Physics exam.