Have you always dreamt of a destination wedding? If yes, you can look into the pros and cons of a destination wedding that we have listed below. After going through our list, you will be able to determine whether or not you should have a destination wedding in a wedding venue.

Pros of a destination wedding

  • Get married in your dream location

Most people have a dream of having a destination wedding. If you have a location in mind where you desire to get married, then you can achieve that by planning a destination wedding.

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  • Save money

Before deciding on a certain location for your wedding, you are likely to visit the place. When you do so, search for an “ac banquet hall near me”. Nowadays, there are several banquet halls that come with in-house services. If you choose to book such an all-inclusive hall for your destination wedding, you will be able to save money.

  • A small guest list

Another advantage of choosing a destination wedding is that you can have a small guest list. For instance, you can plan an intimate wedding with a small guest list that only includes your close family and friends. Not only can you save money with this approach but you can also ensure that only the people who matter to you are there by your side on the most significant day of your life. 

Cons of a destination wedding

  • Requires more planning

A destination wedding is planned outside of one’s hometown. Hence, it requires a lot of planning. For example, you need to sort out your guest list as some of them might be unable to visit the location by themselves. So, you might have to arrange some form of transportation for them. Due to this, people who plan destination weddings must plan more than a year in advance. 

  • No guarantee of the weather

There is no guarantee of the weather when you plan a destination wedding, as there is no certainty when it comes to the weather. Since it’s outside your hometown, you have to be always prepared for every kind of situation. 

We have discussed above the pros and cons of a destination wedding. From these points, you can decide whether or not you must go for a destination wedding.